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About Barnet

Where History Meets the Modern Day

Set on the main north road out of London, Barnet lies about ten miles north of the city centre, within easy access by tube.

Its prime location – said to be the highest point between London and York – has given it an important place in history.

One of the most famous battles of the Wars of the Roses, The Battle of Barnet, took place here in 1471. Famous people, from Samuel Pepys to Samuel Johnson, from Dickens to John Betjeman, from Trollope to Thackeray, from Kingsley Amis to Spike Milligan, have lived or passed through here.

Barnet has enjoyed a thousand years of history. Shakespeare wrote about it; royalty passed through here, and sometimes stayed here.

You can still see the places where they stayed. Barnet combines an unexpected combination of the urban and rural: from the historic highlights of the High Street to the green open spaces of Hadley Green and Monken Hadley Common and the beautiful unspoilt Georgian village of Monken Hadley, not forgetting the magnificent views of the City of London and Canary Wharf seen from the heart of High Barnet.

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